Emily's Chance

Emily's Chance: A Novel (The Callahans of Texas)

Vertical Reach = 4
Emily Rose and Chance Callahan pray openly several times throughout the story and show through prayer,  and discussion the importance of their relationship and God's desire for their life.

Ministry Message = 4
It is good and well to make plans, however, your life will be better when you line up with the desires and plans God has for you.

Craft = 4

Sharon Gillenwater has a fine grasp on the ability to tell a story. The characters are well developed and the plot very engaging, believable and well paced. The male dialogue was a bit more longwinded then some men but not unbelievable. Overall a fine romance true to formula and wonderfully executed.

Aesthetics = 4
The cover is engaging, romantic and the cover model matches the description of the character. One of the things I love about Revell covers...accuracy. Many publishing companies could study them. I could teach a class on the accuracy of people on covers.

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