Broken Heart on Hold : Surviving Separation

Broken Heart on Hold: Surviving Separation
Vertical Reach = 4
Rooks shares things she dida and scriptural resources that helped her endure the painful separation from her husband. At the end of each chapter there is a prayer for the reader to reach out to God.

Ministry Message = 4
God will heal your broken pieces, rely on him during seasons of confusion to make things clear.

Craft = 4
Very conversational, engaging and inspiring. A great aspect is the stories which give the book a more visual aspect.

Aesthetics= 2.5

This cover is bland and subdued. Something more inviting and empowering implementing more feminine colors to give a more hopeful feel to match the content of the book.

Dollar$ & $ense = 3.625
I will be saving the name of this book to give to any friends I know considering separation or looking for hope and encouragement during their separation from a spouse. I think it would make a great resource tool for marital enrichment programs and counselors doing marital repair and enrichment ministry.

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