The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven

The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven: A Remarkable Account of Miracles, Angels, and Life beyond This World

Vertical Reach = 5
Wow! Kevin and Alex Malarkey invite us into their lives offer an amazing look into the private closet of their lives in every way that they relate to God through this harrowing ordeal.

Ministry Message = 4
There was not one solid theme but several overarching the one that stuck out most to me being Romans 8:28 all things work together for the good and what the enemy meant for evil God when we allow Him, can use it for good.

Craft = 4
The story is written with an excellent mix of narrative, dialogue and description. Both authors have a distinct and clear style and voice that rings through with great authenticity.

Aesthetics = 3
Would I have seen this cover in a book store or on a website I would not have looked twice. It fits the story but it is too simple. A cover doesn't have to be overly simple to showcase a great internal message. The typesetting and internal layout were superb.

Dollar$ & $ense = 4
I think any and every prayer warrior would be remiss not to read this book because it shows the power of intercession and warfare. I believe every church should read it to see how coming together and pooling resources to help one person can touch and impact the world. Great book!

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