The Reason Why I Read

I don't hold a great affinity to many material things. It is a luxury I was not afforded as a youth, and while the desire for things has visited, it has never been able to stick to me. Instead of a need for useless trinkets, shiny trophies and status symbols I fell in love with imaginary friends, faraway places and new discoveries. I love learning, reading and therefore I do have a certain love for books.

Many told me that reviewing other authors work would also promote my own. I have not found that to be the case, not on this website or on my previous site that at its peak received over 10k hits a month. What I did find was I have not lost but have in fact heighened my love for reading, being inspired and empowered by the written word. 

Faithful Folios is my productive mode of relaxation. It is my avenue for giving back to authors and sharing reviews from a different perspective. I consider it a great way to giveback, I hope as readers and authors you enjoy it.

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