Hope Undaunted

Hope Undaunted, A: A Novel (Winds of Change)

Vertical Reach = 3
The reference to prayer, and God's presence in the lives of the characters is done well and in way that is not forced, overbearing or preachy.

Ministry Message =3
There were many sub messages which made it a bit hard to focus in on one as the main theme. The themes I identified best were forgiveness and ability through Christ.

Craft = 4
The imagery and description were more literary then contemporary which for me is a delight but can be overbearing if not executed well, in this instance Lessman executes it well. The romance is true to formula and the conflict though based in the early 20th century are timeless themes able to be applied to life today, there are several themes woven together nicely for an engaging plot.

Aesthetics = 4
I don't normally read historical fiction but this cover and the story line were so engaging and inviting and I had to check it out. Revell knocks it out of the park AGAIN!

Dollar$ and $ense = 3.5
Romance readers will enjoy the story and be able to cheer for the good guy from beginning to end. Katy will work her stubborn way into your heart and the message of the book will massage the recesses of your mind. A good read even for those who don't fancy historical fiction.

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