Demon: A Memoir

Demon: A Memoir
Vertical Reach = 5

I was mesmerized from beginning to end with the reverence then disdain and longing expressed by Lucian. It was refreshing and amazing to consider the level of adoration and longing for God from the perspective of someone who will never be able to be with him again.

Ministry Message = 5
God the creator of all loves you beyond measure and enough to suffer death on a cross to fellowship uninterrupted with you.

Craft = 5

Lee offers a  compelling, evocative masterfully written story about a different perspective on faith, salvation and love. The

Aesthetics = 5
The cover is alluring and provocative. It evokes a feeling of mysteryand intrigue so powerful if nothing else you'll want to at least read the back cover. 

Dollar$ & $ense = 5

Very rarely do I read a book worthy of the 5 rating. As a Christian educator I could easily see using this novel as a read for training evangelism teams on how to convey the purity and magnitude of God's love and desire to fellowship with people.

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