Choosing to See

Choosing to SEE: A Journey of Struggle and Hope

Vertical Reach = 4

Honesty about the need to cry out, pray and worship is a refreshing change from some of the memoirs available. Mary Beth Chapman with the help of Ellen Vaughn articulates and expresses her love and dependency on a great merciful empowering God who loves her through her flaws.

Ministry Message = 4
Look beyond the pain of life's trials tribulation and CHOOSE TO SEE God's presence, grace and love in the trials and tribulations of life.

Craft = 4
Conversational style is done well and flows in an effortless way inviting and relating to the reader. The prose and stories give a novel like feel despite it's clear memoir roots.

Aesthetics = 4
The cover will beckon to the target market. The picture shows the love between the Chapmans and symbolizes the strength to see she draws from her relationship with her husband.

Dollar$ and $ense = 4

This is a poignant honest read that will raise a few eyebrows and test the theology and belief of some Christians regarding depression, hope, adoption, tragedy and pharmaceutical treatment. It is an enjoyable story and offers good spiritual nuggets.

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