Amish Proverbs Words of Wisdom from the Simple Life

Amish Proverbs: Words of Wisdom from the Simple Life

Vertical Reach = 2

The compilation of these proverbs does not reveal  a great deal of revelatory information about the God who visits His wisdom upon those who submitted them. I would love to have read more  detail about the patterns and lifestyle of worship, prayer, study of the Amish.

Ministry Message = 4

Though simple in comparison to the modernized world the Amish live a life that is more about choices and results than accomplishment and wealth acquisition. The quotes are short enough to hold the attention of the popcorn society we live in and powerful enough to change someone looking for truth.

Craft = 4
Ms. Fisher shares the experience of pulling together these effective and timeless truths in a way that displays her expertise and passion for writing. The purpose of the book is easily achieved and the format and style are engaging.

Aesthetics = 5
If I were to ever visit the Amish this is the picture I expect to see. The format of the book, layout and entire presentation makes the reading experience very pleasant. It was done as the result of several WISE decisions.

Dollar$ & $ense = 3.75

My favorite quote and  words of wisdom I live by:
Nothing beats a failure but a try. (quote)
No is not a cuss word.  (words of wisdom)
courtesy of my amazing superhero Daddy. Love you RIP

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