Wednesday July 28th So Over It

So Over It (The Reinvention of Skylar Hoyt)

Vertical Reach = 3

Skylar tells enough about her budding Christianity to know she is making him the important part of her life. While she does not refer to her own personal time with God she references embracing wanting to live a life based on biblical principles.

Ministry Message = 5

Living in the past filled with regrets will stunt your growth and prohibit happiness in your future. A message we cannot hear enough in my opinion.

Craft = 3

Stephanie Morrill has a solid grasp on the ability to weave a good story for the young adult market. I look forward to reading future books and referring them to young readers I know.

Aesthetics = 4
Age appropriate, light and airy. Revell matched the character and the storyline perfectly well. Their graphics department stays in the running for top ten fiction covers of the year.

Dollars & $ense = 3.75
An age appropriate and entertaining read for the young adult Christian reader that likes a more relevant and true to life read.

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