No More Christian Nice Girl

No More Christian Nice Girl: When Just Being Nice--Instead of Good--Hurts You, Your Family, and Your Friends

Vertical Reach = 5

Paul Coughlin and Jennifer Degler, PhD give an open window for you to see into their lives and relationships with Christ.

Ministry Message = 4
Being nice is not the same as being good and being nice ALL the time is not good for you.

Craft = 4

Coughlin and Degler offer a powerful subject matter in a concise and relatable format for readers to change their lives.

Aesthetics = 3

The title of this book would have drawn me more than the design of the book. It matches the series so those familiar with it would pick it up if they were familiar with it from the nice guy version.

Dollars & $ense = 4

This book will bless a lot of women especially if they are in bondage because of antiquated denominations and oppressive religious systems. Don't be a nice girl check it out to be more like Christ!

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