Shades of Morning

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 Shades of Morning: A Novel

Vertical Reach = 5

I enjoyed the tug of war and the hesitance of the protagonist to draw close to God even though she yearned to do it. Masterfully written in a way that was believable and captivating.

Ministry Message = 5

There is no shame, condemnation or guilt in Christ. It is simple and beautifully written.

Craft= 4

This story was weaved together like a delicate tapestry. The plot, dialogue and pace were like listening to a well conducted song. Schalesky is called a veteran author and it is apparent in her ability as a writer.

Aesthetics = 4

The cover is done beautifiul and matches the theme and feel of the book. It would attract a new reader to the genre who is unfamiliar with the author.

Watch an interview with the author  

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