The Seeker

Seeker, The: A Novel

Vertical Reach = 5

I love the way Ann gives insight into the prayer life of Charlotte and Adam without making their story preachy. They express understandable and beautiful urgent honesty.

Ministry Message = 4

Lost a bit in the oddness (in my humble opinion) of the Shaker life is Charlotte's need to fix things for everyone. In the wake of the internal and external conflicts of the time she is learns that trying to save everyone may not be the best way to live.

Craft = 4

Gabhart has pure talent and ability to paint the picture of historically set Christian fiction. From the almost literary feel of the scenery to the expression in dialogue she is writes the story well.

Aesthetics = 4

I'm bereft of ways to say how Revell continues to offer spot on covers. I love well they bring the story to life on front, back and spine.

Dollars & $ense = 4.25
Historical fiction readers will read this story and find it absolutely wonderful.

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