July 20 The Faith Dare

Faith Dare, The: 30 Days to Live Your Life to the Fullest

Vertical Reach = 5

I read through this book and have it on my schedule to actually do the dare before the end of this year. Alsdorf is so transparent in her devotionals you are able to peak into the window of her prayer closet and see her love on and be loved by God.

Ministry Message = 5
Live the life based on faith in Christ. This is a great message for today with so many preaching, teaching and embracing motivational ministry I love knowing that there is a book teaching women to stop being free in a "movement" and be free to live by faith in God.

Craft = 4
Alsdorf writes in a masterful way that is endearing and engaging to the reader. She offers a great why and good examples of how to. An excellent body of work.

Aesthetics = 4
Revell has offered a clean and refreshing cover to match the cleansing and renewing tone of the book overall. Good work design team you have done it again.

Dollars & $ense = 4.5

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