Deceit by Brandilyn Collins

Deceit: A Novel

Vertical Reach = 3

Skip Tracer Joanne Weeks reveals the average amount of  information about her relationship with God to help the reader know she has one.

Ministry Message =3

Protection, forgiveness and justice are provided by God.

Craft = 5

Collins is a consummate professional and there is no way around that. I would read any and every craft book she offered on writing suspense.

Aesthetics = 4

The graphics on this cover are on point and if I were in a bookstore even though I'm not a big suspense reader in my leisure time I would definitely stop to look at this story.

Dollars and Sense = 3.75

Deceit is a action packed entertaining suspense read that will appeal to readers who embrace Christian fiction for entertainment as the priority. It will also appeal to mainstream readers who enjoy suspense and don't require or like a lot of profanity and unnecessary goriness. This book is a great read hands down.

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