The Ideal Wife

The Ideal Wife

Vertical Reach =3

Jana has godly influences in her life but doesn't really reveal how she keeps that connection much. Her attendance and reference to thoughts about her relationship with God let you know she has a relationship but doesn't allow you to peek into the details.

Ministry Message = 4
Submission is not domination. It is a choice and does not trump moral and foundation principles God has put forth. I enjoyed this look at marriage and submission from a different vantage point. I also liked the way the addiction to pornography is addressed without being preachy or overburdening.

Craft = 4
Thomas is a professional. At this point in her career I would be surprised to find writing lacking solid components to a good enjoyable fiction story.


This cover was okay but if the name on the cover was anyone other than Jacquelin Thomas I would not have looked twice at it. The covers for African American Christian Fiction are all beginning to look the same. (long sigh). 

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