Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream

Vertical Reach = 4

Pastor Platt gives at least one personal reference  per chapter or section about his walk with Christ to show how he has examined himself to live as he believes God desires.

Ministry Message = 4

The message is not a new concept but it is presented in a way many Christian Americans coming off of the prosperity movement of the nineties and early part of 2000's. As someone who never subscribed to it I found it interesting but not new.

Craft = 3

It is written to include everyone who claims to be a believer. For those who have been living beyond a material place it may not be as "radical" a concept. It is well written but the inclusive and switching POV are a bit distracting on some parts.

Aesthetics = 3

It's bright and colorful. For the primary audience it may be eye catching for me it was okay. I like it for the purpose it was created.

Dollar$ & $ense = 3.5

A great read especially for pastors who believe their congregation has lost its focus on the call for evangelism from Christ.

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