The Last Christian

The Last Christian: A Novel

Vertical Reach = 4

Abby doesn't give thorough details about what she prays or what passages she reads in her bible but I love that she acknowledges doing them at all. Lotsa CBA christian fiction doesn't even elude to this I liked this character so much she was real to me.

Ministry Message = 3
The message I believe is to have faith in God and spread his word no matter what. I hope I didn't miss it the storyline held me so captive I didn't really grab a lot of message.

Craft = 5
I love good plot and great characters. This novel has both not to mention it has captivating details and dialogue. This is the only end time novel I believe I've ever enjoyed.

Aesthetics = 5
If I saw this book in a book store the title and cover alone would make me stop and pick it up. Good job Waterbook Press design team. LOVE IT!

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