An Eye for an Eye

An Eye for an Eye (Heroes of Quantico Series, Book 2)

Mark Sanders is tall, handsome daring and wounded. His reassignment after an on the job shooting is suppose to help him find his way back to himself. What happens when he literally runs into his teen sweetheart...and she gets shot?
Emily Lawson is too familiar with the tall, dark rescuing type and is happy to see her old flame Mark as she takes her daily walk through the park. Before cupid's arrow can take aim she find's herself shot. How can she keep herself from falling for her hero?
Vertical Reach = 4
A relationship with God is apparent but not overwhelming for the main characters of this novel. The way the hero and heroine acknowledge God's existence a bit awkward at times but done well enough not to stop the flow of the story.  The interesting twist is the villain's relationship with God.
Ministry Message =5
Compassion and forgiveness are sub themes of An Eye for An Eye but the strongest message is to live for right now. I believe the author does a great job of showing how important living for where you are is versus dwelling in the past or pining for the future.
Craft = 3
Hannon offers a solid grasp of melding the components for a good book. Her strong areas are description and dialogue.
Aesthetics =4
Revell did a great job of matching well the characters to the cover models. I love the way their pensive looks draw you in instead of pushing you away.

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