Too Close to Home Book

Too Close to Home (Women of Justice Series #1) 

Vertical Reach = 3

While there is a lot of talk about coming to know the Lord from many of the characters there was a lack of showing how they do this in a new way.

Ministry Message = 4

I absolutely enjoyed the way the messages of this book was illustrated, I was especially pleased I was able to understand the two main messages conveyed and the author stayed true to the formula for romantic suspense.

Craft = 4

Nice to see an expert on the job. The characters pull you in, the scenery is painted before you with each word and the emotions are extremely captivating. It is clear that Eason is a great student of writing.

Aesthetics = 5

Revell is back on top in the running for being my favorite for covers. I mean the artist even put cuts on Sam's fingers down to the description of a scene in the book. Boy I gotta tell you makes reading the books much sweeter when the cover does it's job.

Dollar$ and $ense = 4

Great way to wind down while you get all wound up. A worthy investment for those who like to read as one of their past times.

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