Never Say Never

Never Say Never

Vertical Reach= 3

Donetta Bradford and company offer a grandmotherly glimpse into their relationship with the Lord. Not alot of introspective prayers but the mention of His will is how they show their relationship with Him.

Ministry Message  = 3

This is a prodigal granddaughter, love fated will happen story. Romance readers know the formula and Wingate does not disappoint in offering hope and romance, with a splash of mystery.

Craft = 3

The characters are well developed and quirky enough to believe. The plot and description are true to the region.

Aesthetics =5
Bethany is definitely created a cover that captured the feel of this story. Kudos design team!

Dollar$ & $ense =3.5

If you're a light, inspirational romance reader and enjoy a story with southern voice and dialect you'll find this book to be a winner.

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