Vertical Reach = 4

The characters reveal snatches of their relationship with God. It happens at natural unforced places of the story in an almost seamless way.

Ministry Message =3

I'm not sure there was an overall ministry message to the story. A few nuggets ran throughout that would prove to be good reminders to any reader but there was no overall great encompassing point of ministry.

Craft = 4
The writing is superb. I couldn't give it a five because although I don't read suspense a lot I knew who the burglar was by the end of the first chapter. The romantic overtures were great as well as the well fleshed out characters.

Aesthetic = 5

Bethany House created a perfectly matched cover to the audience, genre and characters. I usually love Revell but Bethany House is giving them a run for there money in the making great covers.

Dollar$ and $ense =4

I'd recommend this book and if I were a reader would feel it money well spent for a great romantic suspense story. 

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