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Start Here: Doing Hard Things Right Where You Are 

Vertical Reach =4

Alex and Brett are young, energetic and on fire with a love and passion to serve the Lord. I absolutely adore the way they share the faith and love for Christ and their generation so honestly.

Ministry Message = 3

It is an awesome concept and I wish I'd read the initial book before this one, I'd recommend it to teenagers on the fence about living a life outside of the "teenage apathy" box. For teens who are of a similar mindset of the twins before reading the book who want to plot a game plan it is a bit elementary.

Craft = 4

Solid writing, awesome voice and conversational tone. Overall in general a well written, engaging body of work.

Aesthetics = 3

This cover is plain but appeals to the grunge and blunt style in addition to bold colors favored by the age of readers for whom the book is written.

Dollar$ and $ense = 3.5

Overall in general this is a great ministry tool and group read for teens straddling the fence on how to utilize and fully use their youth instead of wasting it away in frolic and play. I am a bit concerned about the lack of advising the "rebelutionaries" to have balance. Even Jesus took a break to pray and rest.

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