Mother Daughter Duet

Mother-Daughter Duet: Getting to the Relationship You Want with Your Adult Daughter

Vertical Reach = 4
Cheri Fuller and Ali Plum open the windows into their need for and dependence on God as an integral part of their lives.

Ministry Message = 3
Nothing new or groundbreaking with the message of love, understanding and respect as the cornerstone for a good relationship between parent and style but a fresh approach by sharing the dynamics of a relationship from the mother and daughters perspective.

Craft = 4
Fuller and Plum are both writers and well familiar with the mechanics of writing. A solid job of research, scripture and inviting tone throughout the work.

Aesthetics = 3

Nice colors, crisp photo not something I'd stop for in a book store but still nice albeit a bit plain.

Dollar$ and $ense - 3.5
If you're looking for practical and spiritual guidelines to a solid relationship with your adult daughter this book is a good fit.

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