Swinging on a Star

Swinging on a Star (Weddings by Bella, Book 2)

Vertical reach = 3

Bella offers genuine insight into her love for God and her dependency on Him without coming off as unbalanced.

Ministry Message = 4

God is love. The examples of different love types is amusing and apparent. The different perspective Bella shares about being surrounded by love is what garnered a four instead of a three.

Craft = 3

Thompson follows the formula for romance well and delivers in the area of character, setting and description. The internal musings were a little intrusive but in form with the character so not enough to ruin or interrupt the story.

Aesthestics = 4
I still love the covers from Revell. I love when I read a description and can see the person on the cover.

If you like Christian Romance and Texas love you'll enjoy book two in this series.

Dollar$ and $ense = 3.5

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