Abigail: A Novel (The Wives of King David)

Vertical Reach = 4

Smith has delved into the world of  a woman who depended on God to help her through two marriages with frustrating circumstances. Her prayer life and knowledge of the word are an unobstrusive look into her love for Adonia.

Ministry Message = 2

While it is a great illustration of the bible I wasn't really sure what the message for readers was, a reoccuring theme was her desire to please Adonai and not be bitter because of her circumstances. For readers who love biblical adaptations to fiction it will be a wonderful read.

Craft = 4

Smith's ability to take research, scripture and craft a story with believable dialogue, vivid imagery, accurate description and fleshed out characters made it a quick enjoyable read for me ~~even though biblical adaptation isn't my thing.

Aesthetics= 3

The cover is colorful, appropriate for the time period and the cover model for the most part matches the description of the protagonist.

Dollar$ & $ense = 3.25

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