This is Your Brain in Love

This is Your Brain in Love

Vertical Reach = 4

Dr. Earl loves God and it is very apparent as he shares the different ways He explores the mechanics of the brain. My first impression of the book was that I would be bored out of my mind but found it inspiring the way He related the workings of the brain in with how we love and relate to others including God's role in it all.

Ministry Message = 5

I want to go have my head looked at. I believe every married and engaged couple should read this book. There are lots of practival and spiritual lessons that made me wanna be a better wife and present my best self mentally in my relationship with God, my hubby and children and everyone else. There is hope when you know how your computer boots up. I love this book, I'm biased as someone who wants to complete a degree in psychology. Whether you love psychology or not anyone looking to understand how to love better should check out this book. Again a great gift to give for valentines Day is the best mental you.

Craft = 4

I love the way the clinical methodology and facts are presented in a way that draws the reader in through research and scripture. Research and life experience translated into well developed theme and descriptive application backdrop.

Aesthetics = 4

The cover is cute and if I had extra time in a bookstore I'd pick it up but it doesn't just scream....pick me up Shawneda I'll help you be a better mate. The wrapping would have to come up a notch to match the message but it is still appealing, crisp, clean and more than appropriate.

Dollar$ and Sense = Get this for you and a friend who wants to their love to be all it can be!

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