Surviving One Bad Year

Surviving One Bad Year: 7 Spiritual Strategies to Lead You to a New Beginning

Vertical Reach = 5

Nancie Carmichael is very transparent and real with how she leans on, relies and defers to God throughout her bad year. She is personable, vulnerable and real in how her relationship with God helps build her up in a time when life feels like it will tear you down.

Ministry Message = 5

You can make it through. You can do it. Let go and let God. Your in the pew on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and whenever else you can make it but when you return home life is still hard and still shaping up to look like a bad year. Surviving it is more than cliche's and poems Ms. Carmichael gives you the how that we sometimes are not sure about as we allow God to lead us through the storm,

Craft = 4

Carmichael offers solid points. A great mixture of testimony, practical application and spiritual resource. As a seasoned author she delivers an expected professionalism and structure to the books content. Kudos!

Aesthetics = 3

Overall = 4 Get one and bless a friend.

If I walked by this book in a store or saw the pic online I would not be moved to stop. While I understand the metaphor I'd think winter a better season to represents hard times and the color while calming just doesn't pop. It's a good cover but it could've been better. Just one girls opinion!

Watch an interview with the author Faithful Folios home screen. Have a god kissed day.

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