Jenna's Cowboy

Jenna's Cowboy: A Novel (The Callahans of Texas)

Vertical Reach = 3

Jenna's relationship is referred to in the book while not overpowering or too detailed. It is shown to be a part of her life but the intimacy of how she engages in her relationship with the Lord.

Ministry Message = 4

Healing and hope are not impossible for God. Nothing is impossible for God. Taken right from the good book and today's experiences for soldiers coming back after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan the focus on the need to minister to the after effects of serving our country. KUDOS to the author for bringing the need for the Body of Christ to recognize and offer an answer to this problem.

Craft = 3

The characters hold your attention, and are believable. The plot follows the romance formula so romance readers will not be disappointed. Description, style and voice are done well.

Aesthetics = 4

Revell has aimed to please again. The only way this cover could have been better would be to bring in a shadowed uniformed soldier clad version of the cowboy behind his stetson donned image. Just a thought. We'll see if anyone can take Revell's coveted favorite covers title from me this year.

Overall Dollar$ and $ense Rating = 3.5

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