50 Great Ways to Feel Great Today

50 Ways to Feel Great Today: Keys to Beating Stress, Worry, and the Blues

Vertical Reach = 3
Biebel and the Dill's talk about their relationships with God enough to relate to readers but leave no great awe inspiring revelations. The inclusion of referring to their personal walk with God is solid, not over powering or over bearing simply there.

Ministry Message = 4
The message is uou can feel great by trying at least one of these things and it's true.  While some of the suggestions seem apparent the research and stories bring the chapters to life and inspire you to try something new.

Craft= 3
The clinical and basic grammatical techniques are executed at a level of efficiency. The description and ability to keep the reader captivated by the prose leaves a bit to be desired. For readers who enjoy fact over story thematic nonfiction this is great. For readers who want more personality than research it will be a harder read.

Aesthetics = 4

It's bright captive and refreshing. I must admit as a lover of Granny smith apples it make me feel refreshed just looking at it.

Dollar$ and $ense = 3.5 Great buy for you.

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