Unfinished Gift

Unfinished Gift, The: A Novel

Patrick Collins has lost a lot before Christmas. Trying to make peace with the difficult parts of life and embrace his grandfather he struggles through the holiday without his parents. A bright spot in the stormy times is a wonderful wood soldier, well it seems wonderful his grandfather won't let him touch it despite all he's been through.
Ian Collins isn't prepared for the tragic loss he's experienced in life. His son is missing, grandson has come for an undetermined amount of time without invitation. Settled into his own ways and lonely life, he's definitely not prepared for the healing a hurting child can bring.
Vertical Reach = 3
A seamless behind the scenes look into the relationship between the characters and God is not easy to see. There is a sense of godliness but not an overtly obvious part of the story until the end.
Ministry Message =4
Walsh has offered an inspiring read about breathing life into dead things and situations. There are so many wonderful parts to the story it's hard to pinpoint just one but thwy all lead to the most important message of all. Love never fails.
Craft =4
Walsh offers great era information. His characters are relatable, emotional and grab at your heart especially Patrick. The dialogue is natural. Conflict drives the pace at a perfect speed.
Aesthetic =4
Cover is simple, clean and beautiful. It is appropriate for the season, story and reader. Revell is officially my favorite publisher for covers in 2009.

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