The Christmas Dog

Christmas Dog, The

The only thing in life that doesn't change is change. The voice of reason and Christian love in the past Betty Kowalski realizes how silent and frustrated that voice has become as of late. When an unexpected guest, unruly neighbor and untamed pet show up she finds out that change isn't always bad. Sometimes it's the gift you like most of all.

Vertical Reach=4
The relationship between Betty and the Lord is weird. There is no pretense or falsities about how she has allowed her present circumstances to move her away from God. Her desire to return to the place of closeness with Him is written well without being distracting.

Ministry Message = 4
Kill them with kindness. Betty is trying to relate to her friends, family and neighbors like she used to before the changes that come with age became prevalent in her life. Restarting old traditions and showing her self friendly are demonstrated as the best way to handle a "nasty neighbor.

Craft = 4
Carlson opens the door, pours some cider and warms the gingerbread cookies while you wait. From page one you are part of Betty's world and reminded of the Betty's in your world. She uses character, dialogue. setting and emotion very well. Her overall voice and style carry the story in a flattering way.

I'm definitely not an "animal lover". More concerned with the condition of the two legged furless kind I found myself thinking aww how cute while looking at the doggy on the cover. Throw in just the right lights and this cover is a holiday hit!

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