Fit for My King

Fit for My King: His Princess 30-Day Diet Plan and Devotional

Vertical Reach = 4
I love the author's transparency regarding all of the stages in her walk with Christ. She is clear and concise about how she ignored then embraced the love God has for all of and. My favorite thing is how she shows where the Holy Spirit came in and guided her to the things she needed to be free and live a healthy life.

Ministry Message =4
Being healthy and eating right is more than an aesthetic goal. Being able to do what God called being fit for the purpose He created is displayed, explained and laid out in Fit for My King. Shepherd does a fantastic job of showing the plan that God used to heal her and countless others (a number is given but I'm saying.) She breathes new applicable life into a much talked and written about subject from a Christ and bible based perspective. More economical ways to apply the principals without purchasing all organic foods would have been the extra touch to make it exceptional.

Craft =4
Sheperd executes the craft of writing well. Her work displays a solid knowledge of the subject matter. The references and resources throughout the book are properly cataloged and noted. A firm handle of the English language. I would have liked more information on how research regarding some of the foods and food types were done but I'm a bit research addicted.

Cover = 3
While appropriate for the subject matter this is my first Revell cover I'm just not feeling. The colors are picture go with the theme of the book but there is no curb appeal. If I saw this book in a bookstore based on aesthetics I would not pick it up.  I'd need a little Holy Ghost nudge or drop it by bumping it with my wide hips and have to retrieve it from the floor. It's nice but it could be better...

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