What Difference Do it Make by Ron Hall, Denver Moore and Lynn Vincent

What Difference Do It Make?: Stories of Hope and Healing

Vertical Reach =4
This book changed my life. Not as much as the first may have changed others but it called me to the carpet and reminded me of my purpose none the less. The testimony of God's ability to personify Romans 8 through the life of a simple and beautiful giving woman, repentant husband and redeemed ex- slave make me wanna trust him even more in my current life situation.

Ministry Message =5
Homelessness is not just someone's problem its everyone's problem. In the current state of affairs many of us fear and are experiencing it becoming our own problem. Denver inspired me to look past my circumstance,focus on how much God loves me warts and all it may bless and plant the seed of salvation in someone's life. Ron taught me that agape and eros love between man and wife grounded, anchored and saturated in the love of Christ is a beautiful, tough and brilliant thing able to withstand any and everything. Deborah taught me to look beyond myself and see others through the blood colored glasses God uses to look lovingly upon me.

Living with a friend from church, when I lay my daughter down next to me and stare at my husband as we wade through the economic restructuring the failure of the housing market and unpreparedness caused in our lives now I smile. Should I complain? Should I whine? Should I cry? Can't I just pack up and run? Will it matter that I stayed and fought to be the best wife and mother despite the heartache and heartbreak I've endured? If I stay or leave what difference do it make? Ron, Deborah and Denver taught me it makes a whole lotta difference. If you read the book it'll be an eye opening blessing for you too.

Craft = 4
The authors wrote this book as it was spoken, not an easy task to be done effectively. Each voice and input was melded together with no seam. An excellent use of research, testimony and expertise.


A good solid cover. It matches the theme and look of it's predecessor Same Kind of Different as Me.

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