Potluck Club Cookbook

Potluck Club Cookbook, The: Easy Recipes to Enjoy with Family and Friends

This cook book gives not only the recipe to some every day healthy meals as well as some once in a while treats. You'll laugh you'll cry you'll be happy and spry. I selected several of the scrumptious meals and will be showing you how to make the dishes from this companion book to A TASTE OF FAME a novel come to life. Now I'm not going to be on any reality television cooking competitions any time soon but I can hold my own in the heart of the home. Check out Faithful Folios on October 13th...you'll see!

Vertical Reach = 3
Check out the introductions to each section. While fellowship with God makes time productive when we fellowship with others. Why not do it over a great meal or tasty dessert.

Ministry Message = 4
Eating out is the new eating in. Instead of looking at the economy as a reason to miss the restaurant scene come together and create your own thing. Gotta love it.

Craft = 4
These ladies are professionals but readers please try all of the recipes at home. The layout and techniques in this book are all the rage. Great job!

Aesthestics = 5
Revell knocks it out of the park again with this one. They are running an unknown campaign to become my favorite publisher when it comes to nonfiction covers. Watch out there now!

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