Sins of the Father

Martins meet your other family the Thomases. Now ladies I want this to be a clean fight. Men no hitting below the belt. All is not fair in love and war when children are involved and this novel proves it. When Abraham Martin's mother passes she takes with it the facade that she is pleased with the man her son has become. While a financial success he is a moral and spiritual failure in her eyes as his mother she did not do the job she intended. Over the course of this book we watch how the rolling stone's life after fifty is affected when the other family stakes their claim.

Vertical Reach =2
While the preacher is a subcharacter no one person stands out as someone who has God as the leading guide in their life. I missed that element in this novel. Most of Benson's books read with more involvement from the man upstairs.

Ministry Message = 3
I believe the title is the ministry message of the book. It could also have been reaping what you sow. It was shown well through the story but the way it happened again left me with the feeling something somewhere I should've seen was lost.

Craft= 4
Ms. Benson is if nothing else a professional. Her characters are well developed and pull you into the story. The pace of the plot is steady. Being an avid reader I was able to predict where alot of the sub plots were going but enjoyed the character interaction so well it wasn't a hindrance to the read.

Aesthetics = 3
I didn't get how the girl on the cover related to the story of the book. It was nice to see a chic rocking a natural featured but other than that I didn't get it.

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