Intimate Conversations

Intimate Conversations: Devotions to Nurture a Woman's Soul

Intimate Conversations with God is the most appropriate title for this book. After reading it I understood a little more how something as simple as being patient with my daughter as I attempt to love her as God loves me is a form of worship and intimacy with the Lord. I had never heard of Alicia Britt Chole before this book but have absolutely nothing but love and respect for her as a fellow author, mother and wife. She takes you through so many applicable and practical ways to maintain an intimate relationship with God. for two years I've said I missed the way I could spend hours in His presence as I used to when I was single. I felt torn between the quantity of time available then and the blessings I enjoy in my life right now. This book answers the conundrum many believers face of making time with the Father during what feels like a world growing shorter and shorter on time.
Vertical Reach = 5
The entire premise of this book is how we relate to God in every day life. I love the transparency without crassness of Mrs. Chole's writing style. I felt the prayers she sowed as she wrote each word wash over me as peace, calm and encouragement to change how I look at each task to make it a part of my intimate conversation with God.
Ministry Message = 5
It's not just what you do it's why you do it. Practical non daunting everyday tasks may open a sweet and personal conversation with God. The best way to recognize these moments is to listen for the still small voice. I loved this lesson!
Craft = 4
Chole has an excellent use of description and imagery to illustrate her points. She evokes emotion and brings you into the moment with the stories of how she enjoys conversation with God through the simple things of everyday life. (Anyone noticing a pattern?  :)
Aesthestics = 3
Solid cover. I have to say if I were in a bookstore I would not stop to pick up this case based on the cover. Which is nice but just not all that eye catching. It is intimate but a little too subtle.

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