A Taste of Fame

Taste of Fame, A: A Novel (The Potluck Catering Club)

A love triangle, an extramarital affair and secret footage sent in to a reality tv show. This is all just the first chapter. I adore when Christian fiction gets REAL! These Texas ladies show you how to whip up a meal and a good story. From the deputy to the bridal planning diva Lizzie, Vonnie, Goldie, Donna, Evangeline and Lisa Leann warm their ways into your heart and tummy. They find out how to trust God's plan and rely on prayer while doing a good thing as they get A TASTE OF FAME.
Veritcal Reach = 4
Each one of the characters draws their strength from an authentic relationship with God. I enjoyed the intense and comical situations that created a need for internal cries and heartfelt prayers. It was done without effort and a true example of vertical reach with an effective stretch.
Ministry Message = 4
The beauty of a story with multiple character point of views is subplot. For me this story is about surrendering to the will of God which is illustrated very well in the lives of the characters. Vonnie, Evangeline, Donna, Lizze, Lisa Leann, Goldie, David and Wade are truly dependent on God from start to finish. It made me remember to focus on doing things not for my benefit but to God's glory.
Craft = 4
Linda Shepherd and Eva Marie Everson know how to tell a story. With the exception of a few loose ends...which would segway nicely into a sequel this story is great. The characters are easy to follow. Description is a sensory delight! The chemistry between not only the characters but the authors as well is apparent and lends to an excellent read.
Aesthetics= 5
You all know how I love for book covers to match a story. This book cover does it all down to the pink trim. I love it! It is exceptional...

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