Silent Saviour

Silent Savior: Daring to Believe He's Still There

Silent Saviour is not your typical Christian living book. It deals with faith, hope, life and disappointment from the perspective many saints don't admit to experiencing one devoid of sweeping pronounced experiences with God. At times somewhat clinical and laced with a tinge of annoyance the author expresses her view of living a life founded on a struggle with faith. Referencing some of the widely known but sparingly referred passages of scripture and more depressing experiences of life A. J,. Gregory looks at faith with a glass half empty about to get cracked style. As someone who hasn't shared this type of walk with Christ it was a different perspective on faith. While I can't say I agreed with the overall tone of the book I believe I did recognize the heart of the author, bruised, hurting, a little worn for wear but still beating and intent on loving the Lord.

Gregory uses the hardships of her life and experiences to reach out to the believer who is still pursuing God but not accustomed to hearing him or feeling Him in regular tangible intervals. While sometimes a little judgmental and borderline discouraging her message not to give up on pursuing a relationship with Christ is clear. I believe it would be a great read for some of the people she has encountered who aren' aware that they are relating others walks with Christs to their own in a way that may be perceived as haughty, show offy (is that a word) and mean. I'd love to be able to give the author a hug and tell her it would be okay the same way many people did for me when life hit me hard despite my love for the Lord. I believe the message of the book is both needed and appropriate for this season. My prayer is that it finds its way into the hands of the people who need to read it most. Those hurt and those doing the hurting in the Body of Christ.

Vertical Reach =3
Ministry Message =3
Craft= 4
Aesthetics= 4

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