Have a New Husband by Friday

Have a New Husband by Friday: How to Change His Attitude, Behavior & Communication in 5 Days

I can  do what? This has to be a scam. If I wanted a new hubby I'd be found by one right? WRONG! Dr. Leman uses humor, man talk and no nonsense honesty to tell the wives of today to have the LEAVE IT TO BEAVER husband's of old, without returning to the stone ages in principle. Before I met my hubby I studied the bible about how to be a wife for three years and embraced the God given mandate of submission to one another and an understanding that submission begins with me. Well six years and hard times have passed and come to challenge my desire to be a wife pleasing to God.

I'm sure many women cringe at the thought of giving someone else control but as Dr. Leman explains submission is an act of voluntary love not forced domination. He compliments, encourages and exhorts wives with honesty and humor to have the husband of their dreams. My favorite parts of the book are when he enforces each woman's worth and explains that loving our husbands according to the way God intended shows we show our husbands and children their worth as well. While I don't necessarily agree with every word in the book I believe 99 percent of it to be true.

Dr. Leman's book was right on time. I tried one of his tests tonight and my husband answered just like Dr. Leman said he would. While  I don't believe in cookie cutter approaches and one size fit all fixes for marriages, or relationship problems I do believe God orchestrated the words of this book and made it fit to fight back against the attack on marriages in this country. I recommend this book to every woman tired of loving their husband as less than the awesome man of God the Lord whispered into their heart he would be. My only question is where is the book for the hubby's of the wives who read this book? How to love your wife into your purpose and destiny by Tuesday ... we don't need the whole week with our intelligence according to Dr. Leman!

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