The Frontiersmans Daughter

 Frontiersman's Daughter, The: A Novel

Lael Click is every bit the female version of her father. Adventurous, strong, courageous and at peace in the Kentucke frontier lands. Instead of yearning to yarn socks and tend to the womanly duties she has a keen shot and cantankerous spirit. There is no way to mistake that her father is the legendary Ezekiel Click because she carries his spirit every where she goes.

Life on the frontier is many things for a young lady being courted and pursued by a handsome young entrepreneur, exotic Shawnee warrior and spiritually grounded doctor. What's a girl to do? Well not turn into the genteel finished woman, subdued fort dweller or fearful homebody any of the people of Fort Click or the surrounding area desire for Lael Click. Over the course of this young woman's life we'll experience the highs and lows of life on the range as she fights for the most important territory and frontier of her life...her soul.

Frantz plants the seeds for a great adventure from the first page of this novel. Her description and characters draw you into the world of the Click family from the first scene. While most historical fiction shies away from controversial topics and true to life story lines she gives you timeless conflict in a first world setting. The plot is well paced and leaves the reader with a satisfied faithful fiction fix.

Vertical Reach = 5
Ministry Message = 4
Craft = 4
Aesthetics = 4 

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