Critical Care

Critical Care (Mercy Hospital, Book 1)

I loved this book and I am excitedly waiting for the next installment to this series. Look for Ms. Calvert to return to the show in the 2010 to discuss Distaster Status!

Vertical Reach= 5
Claire Avery's relationship with God is prevalent in her life despite the pain she's experiencing it is a transparent real look at a sincere relationship with God in a fragile state.

Ministry Message = 5
Logan and Claire learn in the best way that God's plans don't always match ours but are ALWAYS in our'll see and you'll love it.

Craft = 4
Ms. Calvert has an excellent grasp and execution of plot, description and dialogue.

Aesthetics = 5
TYNDALE HOUSE ROCKS....the characters match the description and the storyline of the book.

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