Things Left Unspoken

Things Left Unspoken: A Novel

neral she stays to help with renovation plans of her families home in Cottonwood, GA.  Her decision to stay is not received well by her husband. Instead of focusing on her lack of marital bliss she throws herself into her work.
   As Jo Lynn continues to oversee the restoration of "the big house" she discovers things about her family, life and self. Secrets of her past may bring more pain than she is believes her family can bear. If this isn't enough she is wondering if the strange attacks and accidents during the renovation have something to do with Cottonwood's promising future or dark past.

Eva Marie Everson pens a moving and captivating contemporary novel. The characters are gripping from the first scene. The plot seems predictable but provides twists and turns that will cause the reader to ride an emotional roller coaster and love every high and low. She addresses several taboo subjects and offers great ministry take aways that are fused into the story in a masterful way. The description is detailed and well written. A story I enjoyed and believe is able to be enjoyed by fiction readers of any genre.

Vertical Reach 4
Ministry Message 4
Craft 5
Asethetics 4

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