The Knight

Am I really reading a book this thick this fast? YOU BET! Patrick Bowers is an in-depth and detailed well paced thriller. While the spiritual takeaway of the book is not as in your face as some Christian fiction the moral compass and actions of the Bowers push the reader to think about the consequences of every action. This is my first Patrick Bowers novel and I feel like I didn't have time enough to enjoy it. Next time I'm gonna steal away for a day and make it a read in weekend.

Bowers has faced one of his nemesis' in this story before but feels the sting of a new faux and it's personal. The way the story weaves his personal and professional life is scary and exciting. The supporting characters are rich and well developed. THE KNIGHT has a beginning, middle and ending you don't wanna miss. 

Vertical Reach = 3
Ministry Message = 4
Craft = 5
Aesthetics = 4

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