Different Kind of Wild, A: Is Your Faith Too Tame?

A DIFFERENT KIND OF WILD by Debbie Alsdorf should be a must read for every woman. Period. In a society where being different is the norm and being unique is looking like the "in crowd" this devotional will be a life changing embrace of truth. Through her conversational approach, vivid imagery and honest testimony Alsdorf inspires, invigorates and motivates. She makes her pen available as a tool for the Holy Spirit to convict us of hiding behind the things we say we do for Him.

In addition to bringing you closer to Him it will bring you closer to God's beloved...you. A tribute to WILD women everywhere I love the substance and agape foundation Alsdorf writes from as a daughter of the king. If you're looking for another book to beat you over the head with ten steps to greatness, fifteen points to prosperity and twenty ways to be "perfect" this is not the book for you. However if you desire to grow into the beautiful person Christ knows you to be when you allow Him to live through you run out to your nearest bookstore and pick it up. I recommend this book for any and everyone woman who desires to live on the WILD side. In a truly intimate relationship with the greatest love any of us mere mortals will ever have. A DIFFERENT KIND OF WILD was a different kind of read in the best way. Let Alsdorf help you unleash your WILD side ladies, you'll be so glad you did.

Vertical Reach = 5
Ministry Message= 5
Craft = 4
Aesthetics = 5

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