The Believer

Believer, The: A NovelBeliever, The: A NovelBeliever, The: A NovelBeliever, The: A Novel

In two days time Elizabeth Duncan has lost her father and gained the responsibility of caring for two younger siblings. Her prospects look bleak with failing crops, and slow sales. Elizabeth's father leaves her with a strong foundation of faith to find her way. This faith leads her to the local community of Shakers to slip from the grips of the offer extended by their less than appealing landlord.

Elizabeth finds that the peace her father described in the community is not as easy to capture as she hoped. In addition to several uncomfortable accidents, and incidents she finds herself falling for "Brother Evan" despite romantic relationships being a non option for brothers and sisters living the Shaker life. When her former landlord tracks her down and makes trouble for her family she looks to God for guidance, strength and resolution.

Ann Gabhart pens a tale of loss, pain and restoration. For historical christian fiction lovers you'll find this story to be a treat. The vertical reach is well placed and undeniable. The ministry message of God's love, omnipotence and provision is timely encouragement in today's financial climate. The characters and plot are well put together and show Gabhart's dedication to providing excellence to readers. The cover and layout are easy on the eyes are provide a great invitation to readers.

Vertical Reach = 4
Ministry Message= 5
Craft = 4
Aesthetics = 5

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