Worth a Thousand Words

Worth a Thousand Words: A Novel (Jubilant Soul)

Indigo Burns has just graduated with her bachelors and things are looking up. An adoring boyfriend whose crazy about her, loving family supporting her and an awesome talent promise a great future. When health challenges, personal pressure and family tragedy change the landscape of her life in the blink of an eye. As things continue spiral out of her control she is forced to take an honest look at her life and focus in on what really matters.

Worth a Thousand Words leaves the reader with that warm fuzzy feeling I've come to associate with a Stacy Hawkins Adams novel. The characters are sweet, poignant and easy to follow. The story drives you along for a perfectly paced ride. You'll laugh, cry and wonder why you sometimes all in the same chapter. It's a great read with some interesting and unexpected twists and turns that keeps the reader involved until the very end.

Vertical Reach: 4
Ministry Message: 4
Craft: 4
Aesthetics: 4

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