Practicing What You Preach

Practicing What You Preach

Overall rating 3.5
Vertical Reach (3)
Griggs shows each characters interaction with God sometimes subtle but most times not. Though obvious it doesn't over power the story.

Ministry Message (4)
Vanessa Davis Griggs is the Shirley Caesar of Christian fiction as far as I'm concerned. The same way Caesar moves listeners by singing a sermon, Griggs offers a fully exegeted and researched story addressing the truth about divorce and the word of God.

Craft (3)
Griggs has master the basics of grammar and writing. While still a good read the story is a little slow in some spots due to lengthy dialogue interchanges between the characters. I would have liked a bit more insight into who each of the characters were.

Aesthetics (4)
This cover is beautiful, and feels great. I'd be remiss not to ascribe excellence where it belongs.

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