Mom's the Word

Mom's The Word (Steeple Hill Cafe)

Overall rating 5

Vertical Reach (5)
Griffith infuses each scene with how much the characters need, rely on or fear their connection with God. She brings each possible approach to the Father and ends the book with the most beneficial result. I love it!

Ministry Message (5)
This book offers a warm hug to mothers and women trying to live the perfect 21st century life. It offered better parenting advice than some ministries. I'd recommend every mom and mom to be read it.

Craft (5)
Griffith pens a book that answers and offers something exceptional in each component of the book. Great characters, beautiful believable dialogue, and plot twists I didn't see coming (ask my hubby hard it is to surprise me!)

Aesthetics (5)
Cover is perfect for the story. The internal layout and typesetting is superb.

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