Overall rating 3.75

Vertical Reach (4)
Haley keeps the characters relationships and view of God present in the book. As a modern novelization of King David she does a good job of the importance of God in the family business as an integral part of the story without interrupting it to say so.

Ministry Message (4)
As the first book in a few series of novels Haley offers several mini messages that connect and breath life into the reader about the importance of obeying God's word and destiny for their life through the characters.

Craft (3)
Character development was done well. Pace and plot were good overall with a few slow points. Dialogue was done well but the mother of the main protagonist was bit repetitive which was distracting and slowed the story but not so much that it made the reading experience unpleasant.

Aesthetics (4)
Basic cover, well chosen with a portayal of the main character that matched the description. Well appreciated and done.

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